Phantom Youth

by Violentene



Melting dark 80s synthwave, shoegaze and ethereal vibes seamlessly under Dani Mari’s glittery vocals, Violentene gives you its new ode to innocence lost.

Roland brings an early 80s synth and new wave influence from Japan, Gary Numan, and Cocteau Twins and the guitar shimmer of Johnny Marr and Robert Smith to the mix, while Dani Mari wraps her bittersweet vocals around warm, breathy tones.

Its been a long, deep journey since 2017 and Violentene’s first EP – so many emotions, life challenges, and rethinking / rewriting happened in the interim. A concept album without trying to be one, the vibes are most certainly in line with its title – a yearning for and an ode to innocence lost... and the strength to keep moving ahead.

“Phantom Youth" pulls a love of analog synths, 80s noir-wave, ambient shoegaze riffs, and dreamy vocal flourishes into the mix. Rolands guitars, synths, and beats melt under Danis breathy, bittersweet vocals to mesmerizing effect.

For fans of Drab Majesty, The Cure, Boy Harsher and Cocteau Twins.


released August 30, 2019

Roland Marckwort – Guitars, synths, programming+production
Dani Mari – vocals

Recorded at Digital Zen Studio, 2018
Produced by Roland Marckwort + Dani Mari
Mastered by Bryan Lowe at Joao Carvalho Mastering, Toronto
Artwork by Stephen Seto

All songs copyright Violentene 2019 – SOCAN, ASCAP

Shore Dive Records
An independent record label based in Brighton, England.
Shoegaze/dreampop/electronica/post-rock/ post-punk etc....
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all rights reserved



Dani Mari New York

Audiences across the world have gravitated toward Dani Mari's beautifully haunting voice and simplistic elegant lyrics.

She has been featured on NPR, BBC, MTV, Vogue, WXPN & Brooklyn Vegan & has collaborated with FEAR CLUB from Paris, Roland Marckwort from Canada as Violentene, Omega Vague, Brooklyn Shanti, I Am Snow Angel & many other producers from around the world.
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Track Name: Frozen Heart
Take your time
With my heart
Cuz I'm 
Falling apart

Frozen heart
Melting through my hand 

Trembling limbs
Shaking by my side
Trembling glances
Terrify my mind

Frozen heart
Melting through my hand 

You're a mirror 
Of my darkness
Familiar senses 
Washed out regret
You're a mirror
Of my darkness 

Frozen heart
Melting through my hand 
Frozen heart
Track Name: Phantom Youth
Was it real
Come around when the weathers changed
Clouds are heavy filling up with rain
Mist is falling my visions turn to grey

I can see your silhouette
You’re fading fast without regret

Phantom youth haunts my lonely roads
I turn around
You turn to stone

Illusions taking turns with you
I lost my mind
You lost yours too

I lost my mind
I lost my mind

Phantom youth haunts my lonely roads
You turn around
I turn to stone

Was it real
Was it real

Can you break it
Can you break me
Track Name: 13 Days
My lucky stars
Falling into the ground
Fires are growing into the past

Thirteen days I will find you
But I can’t recognize you

If I could tear you out of me
Where would I be
Track Name: The Victim Effect
Fly into the sun
I’m here to make sure you burn
To make sure you burn

Can you feel it
Reveries in me
Daydream to see

I lived across from lucky stars
I loved on streets with broken cars

Can you feel it
Reveries in me
Daydream to see


Can you feel it
Reveries in me
Daydream to see

Stargazer free

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